Friday, September 7, 2007

Uri International is EXPANDING to other countries!!!

The following is an email I received from Uri International regarding being able to ship to other countries:


We have shipped recently into Puerto Rico, Japan, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Sweden and Australia (with restrictions). We use UPS World Wide to ship and they become the Broker for getting the products delivered to the countries. We do not have any distribution centers located in any other country but the U.S. With Australia, we did not see any restrictions on the UPS website, but the Feast and Supercharge were quarantined and not allowed in because of the banana in it. You would just need to go to the US Post Office website and UPS website and enter the information in for the country in question to see what the restrictions and regulations are in shipping there. The recipient is responsible for all duties, customs fees, taxes and brokerage fees when the package is delivered.

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