Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why Did Brett Radmacher Choose Uri International?

Brett Radmeacher is well known for the bang he made in the network marketing industry. To start is the fact that he made $350,000 per month with SeaSilver taking it from a small company to a multi-million dollar company. He did this by his powerful, systematic marketing techniques. He is also well known for losing it all because SeaSilver ignored warnings from the FDA.

Well, he is back after a long hard search for the right company that will (1) be FDA compliant and remain so (2) allow him to implement his strategies (3) have a solid and effective product that is affordable and a high re-order rate (4) a compensation plan that will take him from $350,000 per month commissions to $3,000,000 per month commissions.

Yes, that's right....$3,000,000 per month is his goal and what he believes with the right use of his marketing systems will take him there!!! Want join me and be on his UriLife Team?

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