Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Rice With Human Genes


This is not how we were designed to eat. When you start to get educated you will realize how incredible Uri’s live, whole food based, Insta Fresh Juices really are. They maybe the most nutritious thing many people will ever eat. Our proprietary no heat dehydrating process converts live whole foods and fresh raw juices into nutrient dense, great tasting, instant, all natural juice powders. All our ingredients are either certified organic or use organic practices such as no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, no GMO and no irradiation.”There is a purpose behind this company way beyond making money. Unleash the Life Within – Try our products Release the Life Within – Share with others Inspire the Life Within – Encourage others do the same Experience the Life Within With Uri International Sample everyone you know, meet or love! He who samples most wins!

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