Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Signups & Leads

I finished the month off hitting my target for volume as a Manager. I started with Uri International as an Affiliate but quickly moved to Supervisor in a month then Manager a month later. It has been only six months and the leads are still coming in when radio ads have not even started.

I am extremely passionate about this company and their products and where this company is heading. We have a system in place that works. You join and get a free corporate website. You join my team and you get a second free basic website. The second one is where customers can order samples and try the product which is awesome. You can access it at

This has generated many leads that have a 90% join rate. Follow up is key to this business. Join my team and we will help you succeed. We are spending thousands in the radio coop and are building a three leg matrix.

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