Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Government Site www.FruitsAndVeggiesMatter.Gov

Did you know that the government has a website dedicated to the importance of eating fruits and vegetables everyday? Yes, it has a calculator where you input your age, sex and you select whether you work out 30 minutes or less, 30-60 minutes or 60 minutes or more.

Then it gives you the recommended amounts. Remember it is only a recommended which usually means to me that you need more. On this site you will also find helpful tips, recipes and more!

More and more, Americans are beginning to realize the importance of good nutrition. However, not everyone will go out and purchase all the necessary fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds, berries and sprouts necessary for great health. Not all will buy a juicer.

That is where Uri International has the solution....The Feast. For more information go to

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