Wednesday, December 30, 2009

FAQ Nurich Whole Foods

Signing Up in Nuriche

Q: When I enroll, why do you need my Social Security Number?

A: These numbers are required for tax and social security validation purposes. You can use a Tax ID# from your own Business entity if you choose. Because we are a MLM company and deal with commissions, by law we have to have your social security number on file for any Independent Distributor who could potentially earn commissions. We have to report distributor commissions to the IRS.

Purchasing Nuriche Product

Q: What is an AutoOrder?

A: AutoOrder is a convenient and effortless way to ensure that your favorite Nuriche products are automatically delivered to you each and every month. AutoOrder is available for both independent distributors and retail customers. When you select AutoOrder, your order is processed automatically every month on the method of payment you designate.

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Nuriche Products

Q: How do I access the ingredients list for each specific product on your website?

A: Ingredient information can be found in “Supplement Facts” section on each specific product label.

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Nuriche InstaFresh™

Q: How long after being harvested is the raw produce processed?

A: Within hours of being harvested, all of our produce is dried using our proprietary InstaFreshTM Drying Process to ensure that it all meet company standards.

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