Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So how can you get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs and understands?

The answer is found in a new, cutting-edge breakthrough that guarantees you REAL whole food based nutrition...
  • without fistfuls of expensive pills
  • without messy juicers
  • without endless peeling, chopping or cooking
  • without yucky tasting "green" drinks
"Introducing the breakthrough technology that locks in the REAL nutritional value of fresh organic fruits and vegetables�guaranteed!"

The origin of The Feast� begins back in the late 1970s when my family began a small herb harvesting business in the southwestern desert regions of the United States.

When I was seven years old, I began helping in the family business by harvesting wild herbs...and at that time, my lifelong interest in nutrition was sparked.

The business flourished, and soon we were providing wild crafted herb powders to some of the biggest nutritional companies in America.

In the mid 1980s, we began looking for a superior way to preserve the nutritional integrity of whole foods in order to provide a much higher form of quality nutrients than found in typical nutritional supplements.

During this time, we began developing a proprietary process for drying live whole foods and fresh raw juices into powder. We began with cereal grasses and herbs.

We discovered that the best way to preserve the nutritional integrity of these grasses and herbs was to dry them using low heat and quickly turn them into powder in seconds at very low temperatures.

As our processing technology evolved and continually improved, we then turned to processing organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

I knew that if I could make this drying process work for fresh, organic produce, I would be onto something big. The quality of the nutrient dense products resulting from our proprietary process was far superior to anything produced by other nutritional supplement processing techniques.

We realized that our proprietary process could revolutionize how we take, absorb and benefit from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients naturally found abundantly in organic produce.

It took years for me to perfect it, but now I�m excited to tell you all about...

...the proprietary InstaFresh� Drying process.

Here�s the new secret behind REAL whole food-based nutrition.

Where I live, I�m surrounded by some of the most fertile, mineral-rich farmland in America.

Yet even for me, it�s a challenge to find the best organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables: The sweetest corn this side of heaven...lip-smacking tomatoes like your grandmother used to grow...the peaches that melt in your mouth...and green beans so fresh they pop when you snap them and taste even better than you remember.

If I have to work at consuming my 5�9 servings of organic or naturally grown fruits and vegetables each day�and enjoy all the extra benefits they give me�then I know it�s even harder for you!

But that�s what The Feast� is all about!

Now, you can get the quality, quantity, variety, integrity and value of delicious organic and naturally-grown fruits and vegetables from the purest sources possible�all without chopping, peeling, cooking or juicing or relying on yucky "green" drinks or fistfuls of pills.

The secret to The Feast� is our proprietary InstaFresh� Low-Temperature Drying Process, which:

1. Takes newly harvested organic and naturally grown fruits, vegetables, greens, berries, nuts, seeds and sprouts...

2. Makes them into whole food purees and freshly-pressed 34� F liquid juice...

3. Turns that juice into a concentrated powder within 30 seconds with temperatures that average 65� F and never exceed 100� F (heat over 100� kills most nutrients and enzymes)

4. All in a timely manner to ensure REAL whole food-based nutrition The result? A unique, concentrated whole food-based InstaFresh� juice powder that locks in the nutritional value of these fresh, delicious fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

Simply mix this powder with water (or juice) in our unique URI Shaker Cup and drink it, and you have The Feast�: The most beneficial, nutrient-dense and delicious form of nutrition I�ve ever experienced.

In fact, every serving of The Feast� is made from almost a half pound of the finest fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds and sprouts you can find anywhere.

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