Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Are Growing In Canada

It was only a 3 months ago that I sent some samples and one of our Uri International Magalogs to a gentleman in Canada who was interested. He was so blown away by the product and the company that he immediately purchased $600 of the product. He had never seen a product like The Feast on the market. Here was a great tasting wholefood product that was filled with nutrients from over 72 organically and naturally grown fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, berries, sprouts and seeds. In addition it was dried to a powder under 30 second at an average temperature of 65-70 degrees. He knew that meant that the foods was NOT cooked and the enzymes were still in tact.

He then recommended it to others. Now, dozens and dozens and dozens are enjoying this product purchasing it in bulk. They have signed up for only $9.95 as a distributor. Momentum is growing in Canada because of the sheer need for this product.


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