Saturday, May 3, 2008

Magalogs Work!

I am having a huge success with the new Uri International Magalogs. I was at a trade show and passed a copy out to everyone. People would walk away reading them and come right back to try the product, ask questions and buy. The magalogs speak for themselves.

It talks about health and nutrition today in America. It shows evidence of the need for better nutrition and how whole foods is the answer. It gives solid proof that The Feast is the way to go because of the unique process that maintains the life of the food.

The last page offers a one time Feast Specials. Buy The Feast for $43.95 and get a free, shaker cup, a free magalog and more. You can order it online or by phone. Website is

Phone is 888-940-4001 Mention OFFER CODE: MAG1-25442

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