Saturday, November 3, 2007

Radio Coop Preparing To Launch

A Letter From Brett:

The Radio Infomercial Coop ordering page should begoing live tomorrow. Yes that does mean we are getting VERY close tolaunching the Uri radio infomercial. It is an EXCITING TIME!!! We have ALL worked so hard to prepare for what is goingto happen. Especially Uri corporate. I can tell you from working with them closely over the last 8 months, this is a company you can be SO PROUD to be part of. I am so excited about what is going tostart happening.

If you knew everything I do, you would too. (Just wishthere was a way to help everyone see it as clearly as Ido. I believe without a shadow of doubt Uri is about tobecome a GO TO company in the network marketingindustry within the next 6-12 months. This radio infomercial will only be the beginning of many more marketing tools to come shortly.

New product brochure, new product presentation, newcustom business opportunity lead program and muchmore...including TV the first quarter of 2008. Even a new phone follow up program from Uri corporate for our customers as well. We had SO much to prepare Uri International ready forthe massive marketing blitz that is about to happen. And now it is just about to begin. The radio infomercial co-op is open to everyone who assigned up for the OnDemand Training, Live or OnlineTraining.

You MUST be signed for the OnDemand Training, Live orOnline Training to participate. This is to ensure proper training, understanding of FDA and FTC compliance, and help offset the very expensive costs of putting this all together. Watch your email for more details tomorrow. We should have the UriLife radio co-op agreement andonline order page ready to go. Thanks for your patience and hard work. I am so proud of the quality of our sales group. It really shows.

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