Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our UriLife Team Has Grown To 1,000 Distributors Now After Only 4 Months!!!

As of August 19, 2007 the UriLife team has grown to over 1,000 distributors in just four months. The momentum with Uri International is growing and expanding in leaps and bounds. We have not even launch the magazine and radio ads yet! The ads will start in a month. Imagine the growth then?

If you are already a distributor NOW is the time to give samples of The Feast to all those who are interested in good health. Now is the time to prepare yourself to participate in the advertising coops that are coming.

If you are not a distributor NOW is the time to join. Brett Rademacher who is the leader of the UriLife team provides all his team with their own free website that uses his system of business growing. As a distributor you also get a free corporate site with Uri International.

Congrats to all on the team! I personally have been with the company only 2 months and have moved up two ranks.

Join now.


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